Most people relate voiceovers to radio stations, movies or commercials. However, it can be used in many more different ways.
Suppose your company needs to send a representative abroad to give a corporate presentation or has a Power Point slide file and would like to show it at the next employee meeting. Maybe it has updated its sales software and would like everybody to know how to operate it, wishes to renew its IVR system or simply wants to reach a wider audience.

As with translation, the more you tell me about your project, the better I will understand its requirements and work to do something amazing with it. It is always useful to know where the material is going to be broadcasted or played, for how long, to which target audience, in what preferred style (if any), etc. This information will allow me to quickly get back to you with an accurate quote, which will include buyout of the audio, studio time, audio slicing and rendering, and minor revisions.

In very simple terms, Neutral Spanish is a linguistic variety.
Although not spoken in any country in particular, it gathers the common elements shared by other varieties of Spanish and leaves out its regionalisms, which is what makes it understood all throughout Latin America.
Due to its reach, it is a tool that can be hugely effective in projects where the audience is not country-specific.

Thinking out of the (TV) box.
An easy take.
Neutral Spanish for Latin America
Announcements and audio guides - Neutral Spanish for Latin America
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Corporate - Neutral Spanish for Latin America
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IVR and Voicemail - Neutral Spanish for Latin America
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Commercial - Neutral Spanish for Latin America
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e-Learning - Neutral Spanish for Latin America
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